Anzal Begum

The Anzal Begum Foundation was created to continue
the visionary charity work of Anzal Begum

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Burma Appeal

The ABF funded the delivery of emergency
food aid to the Rohingyan people living in
camps in the Rakhine state, Maynmar (Burma)
during Ramadan.

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Water.. the basic necessity of life,

No-one should be without water and struggle to find it.
We want to help bring water to remote areas and those of immediate
need by funding the sourcing, boring and digging of wells.

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Food... “Eat to live or live to eat”

'its a great shame in the 21st century people still sleep on an
empty stomach, not only abroad but close to home too.
We want to provide funding and support to food banks and
soup kitchens in the UK, as well as providing funds for food parcels
to the very poor abroad, and when natural disasters happen.

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Out of sight..Out of mind

Eye sight is such a beautiful gift that we have, that we
take for granted. For the small cost of £30, a simple
procedure can make life changing differences in a
person's life. We will identify hospitals in South Asia
where these simple procedures can be carried out for
people who cannot afford these procedures.

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“children are the hands
by which we take hold of
heaven” - Mahatma Gandhi

We will help and support charities that work with children,
to try and improve their lives, by alleviating poverty,
providing education and to nurture them to develop
themselves, their families and their communities.

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Charity Dinner

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Thank you to everyone who came to our launch
event on Saturday 13th June, we were overwhelmed
and touched by all the support.


“Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.”
– Ali ibn Abi Talib

We need your help

Let’s Stop the hunger and fullfill their happiness

This is what motivates us and drives us to support those experiencing poverty.

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Clean Water

Clean water means health, income and education – especially for women and kids

Clothing Donation

Today, more than ever, you can help your neighbors and communities in need by donating...

Medical Aid

We rely upon the kind support of donations and fundraising activities to treat people who...

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