Projects overview

November 2016

The Anzal Begum Foundation has been setup to be a grant giving organisation.  We have a formal process for organisations to apply for funding from us (see under Grants section)

Since our registration in July 2015, we have received 25 requests for funding from organisations and individuals.  We have funded a total of 9 organisations, to date.

We have listed the projects we have supported in this period (July 2015 – November 2016) 

Projects 2017

The Foundation is pleased to be working with two main charities it will be supporting in 2017:


Sightsavers is an international organisation working to eradicated sight disabling diseases in some of the poorest communities in the world. We will continue to support Sightsavers in 2017, with us aiming to fund at least 500 cataract operations in South Asian

Acorns Children’s Hospice

Acorn provides care for end of life children and their families in three hospices in Walsall, Birmingham and Worchester.  Acorns hospices rely heavily on the generous donations from members of the public to provide this much needed support to families who are going thorough extremely hard times.

Other funding

We will fund other small projects that meet the criteria set-out by the Trustees.

August 2016

Donation of Cabin to Birmingham Central Mosque

It was very fitting that on 18th August, members of Anzal Begum’s family should donate a cabin to Birmingham Central Mosque to use as Food Bank.  The 18th August is the anniversary of when Anzal Begum passed away, and family and friends each year come together for a khatam (where Quran is read and prayers for the deceased)  This year in memory of Anzal Begum, who was dedicated to helping others, it only seemed fitting to make a charitable donation to the mosque in honour of her memory.

The Lord Mayor – Carl Rice made a speech and cut the ribbon.  Members of the family made speeches, and then a short ceremony took place in the mosque in memory of Anzal Begum.

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July 2016

Being a refugee, or living in a war zone can be hard enough, but if the family also have a child/children with a disability, then their circumstances become even more difficult.  Families find life a struggle, but are not able to cater for the additional needs of their disabled child. 

Islamic Help runs a Disabled Children’s programme and we were happy to support this important work they undertaken.  The funding we provided helped support a family with a disabled child for a year. 

January 2016 - Present 

Anzal Begum Foundation working with Sightsavers

Late 2015 the Anzal Begum Foundation’s Trustees agreed to work with Sightsavers to fund over 300 cataract operations in South Asia in 2016.  Looking to 2017, the Trustees have made the decision to continue supporting this extremely important work. 

Mr Johngir Saddiq, one of the Foundation’s Founders whilst on a personal visit to Pakistan in August 2016, visited a hospital in Mandra where cataract operations are undertaken.  “It was amazing to see such a simple and quick operation make a huge difference to people’s lives.  I spoke to patients, who said the operation will make such a massive difference to their lives.  One elderly lady was so excited that she would be able to walk to her friend’s house as she use to before she had the problem with her eyes.  It sounded such a simple thing that we would take for granted but for this elderly lady she was been confined to her home and was becoming extremely isolated; now she would have the freedom and independence to socialise with her friends again.  We at the Foundation are proud to be ‘making a meaningful difference’ to someone’s life.”

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November 2015

The Anzal Begum Foundation was approached by Gurpreet Bassi in October 2015 as he was undertaking a challenge for Cancer Research.

‘As some of you may be aware, my mum was recently diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  Having undergone surgery and radiotherapy, she is thankfully now in the recovery period.  Along with a few close friends, I wish to raise funds in aid of Cancer Research.  It is a cause close to many of their hearts also, as they have all shared similar experiences with family members.  We are all huge football fans and have set ourselves a challenge to attempt to reach all 20 Premier League Football Stadiums in 24 hours by car. 

The Foundation was pleased to provide a donation to Gurpreet’s challenge, as he said, we all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.  Well done Gurpreet and friends.

September 2015

Whilst in Pakistan, Mr Choudhry was also asked to organise food for local orphans and children during Eid.  For children that are orphans or from less well off families it is sad to see them not enjoying Eid, so to see them all joining in Eid celebrations is a great benefit for all.

September 2015

Water Facilities in Tharr Sindh, Pakistan

Mr Abdul Hamid Choudhry travelled to Pakistan in September 2015 where he organised the provision of water in two remote areas where people have little access to clean water facilities. 

Two water pumps/facilities were provided for the local community, one was in a local village where the local community had access to clean water and the other was on land near to a road track.  The second pump/facilities served two purposes - one for the walking public who used the road track to commute whereby they could stop to nourish themselves and second was a provision for providing water to the land during the dry season, providing irrigation for the growing of wheat and barley. 

The two pumps provided a much need supply of water that will help with health and well-being in the community, increased food production and help life that little bit easier for those in remote village areas.

‘How wonderful to have water out of our own pump’ – village elder.

July 2015

The Anzal Begum Foundation funded Islamic Help to deliver emergency food aid to the Rohingyan people living in camps in the Rakhine state, Maynmar (Burma) during Ramadan 2015.  The conditions that families had found themselves in – both as refugees and losing their homes from cyclone Komen, meant this aid gave hope to families who were devastated by external circumstances they had no control over.

This entailed the feeding of over 325 families, which equated to 1,625 individuals.

The delivery of this project was conducted by Islamic Help, as they had links with the logistical partners in Burma. The delivery of food aid was by no means straight forward as you can imagine as the government of Burma is not very receptive to outside aid agencies and at the same time the community was affected by cyclone Komen.

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May 2015

Coffee Connect enabled women to come together from all faiths to meet and share experiences.  Each session provided an opportunity to get involved in from the ‘Women Weaving Wisdom’ project to looking at health issues women face.  Women were in a safe environment to express themselves and to raise issues they were facing, enabling them to access the support they needed.

The Anzal Begum Foundation were proud to support this project, as it was very much in the ethos of how Anzal Begum herself supported women and young girls in her life time.  The ‘Women Weaving Wisdom’ project asked the women present to think of a woman that had inspired them in their life time.  At the session Mary Vadaie made a short speech about the Anzal Begum Foundation and why the Foundation was pleased to support the Coffee Morning

“I didn’t get the chance to meet Anzal Begum but she has inspired me since I have been involved with the Foundation and heard the stories of the passion she had to help those less fortunate.  She was a woman who championed the needs of others and undertook to challenge injustices and to ‘make a meaningful difference’ to the many lives she touched”.

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