July 2015

The Anzal Begum Foundation funded Islamic Help to deliver emergency food aid to the Rohingyan people living in camps in the Rakhine state, Maynmar (Burma) during Ramadan 2015.  The conditions that families had found themselves in – both as refugees and losing their homes from cyclone Komen, meant this aid gave hope to families who were devastated by external circumstances they had no control over.

This entailed the feeding of over 325 families, which equated to 1,625 individuals.

The delivery of this project was conducted by Islamic Help, as they had links with the logistical partners in Burma. The delivery of food aid was by no means straight forward as you can imagine as the government of Burma is not very receptive to outside aid agencies and at the same time the community was affected by cyclone Komen.

Preference was given to:

  • Orphans;
  • Large families (8 and above);
  • Disabled persons;
  • Women-headed households including divorced and widowed;
  • Children-headed households; and
  • Poor persons.

There were also indirect beneficiaries – food suppliers and day labourers who helped in the packing of the food parcels.

‘People do not know the difference these supplies have made to our lives’.  Comment from one of the receiving aid.

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