Volunteering is a great opportunity to make a difference to individual’s lives, both for the person you help, but also for your own personal development and confidence building.

The Anzal Begum Foundation is looking for individuals who are enthusiastic, looking for a change and can bring their skills and abilities to our organisation.  We are looking for individuals who wish to get involved in various tasks from administration to help in fundraising activities.  You can do as many hours as you wish, and below are some details of our commitment and values to those who volunteer with us.  There is an online application form for you to fill in, we respond to all applications within 5 working days.


Our Commitment

The Anzal Begum Foundation acknowledges that volunteers contribute in many different ways, and that volunteering can benefit users of our services, paid staff, other volunteers and the wider community.  We value the contributions made by volunteers and we are committed to involving volunteers in appropriate roles, and in ways which are supportive of the volunteers and beneficial to our organisation.

We see volunteers as people who, unpaid and of their own free will, contribute their time, energy, skills and experience to benefit our organisation and the wider community.  We also acknowledge the unique contribution that volunteers make and the importance of a mutually beneficial relationship where the volunteer also gets something from the volunteering role as well.


Our Values

The Anzal Begum Foundation is committed to volunteering and we will:

  • not introduce volunteers to replace paid staff.  Their role will complement the role of paid staff, be beneficial to the organisation and the volunteers;
  • ensure volunteers have a defined place in the structure of the organisation;
  • acknowledge mutual support and reliability – our expectations of volunteers and volunteers’ expectations of our organisation.
  • acknowledge and value the individual skills, knowledge and experience that each volunteer  brings to our organisation;

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